To allow all Australians to enjoy the best quality of life possible.

Welcome to Cality Care (formerly ARC Care and Ability), an approved service provider dedicated to supporting you to achieve your personal lifestyle goals.

Founded on providing nationally-recognised qualifications to thousands of care workers across Australia, we’re now able to provide the best quality people to support you.

Our team of professionals are committed to listening to you and your representatives to understand the support and care that you require.

We currently offer the following in Brisbane and Sydney:


  • “The level of customer service that Cality Care provides is excellent and is refreshing to see from a company. I am not usually one to recommend the services of an agency but I have happily referred Cality Care to other families I know and am willing to provide further details should you require it.”

    Mar T
  • “It’s refreshing to be able to work with an organisation who will listen to what your needs are and then come back to you with a solution that fits your requirements, not just an “off the shelf” one. Their skilled employees also support us whilst providing space and not making us feel under pressure in any way.”

    Arran H


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